Hi, my name is Veronika. I’m a homeschooling mom of 3, living in the suburbs of Chicago, just trying to enjoy life and make the most of it. One day I was lucky enough to be on Facebook when a friend of mine posted that the company she worked for was hiring; I jumped on it! I was soon part of the GirlFriday team and quickly discovered it’s the best company around! I work as a virtual executive assistant and have loved every moment of it! Do you want to know what sets us apart from the other companies around? Let me tell you!

GirlFriday Business Solutions is a group of highly skilled and fierce women who can do it all. When you hire us, you get a whole team working for you, not just a single person. My colleagues are top-notch and go all out! One person excels in writing and research, while another is great at scheduling. Luckily enough, you get the best of both. That is the difference that GirlFriday makes and is just one of many reasons why I feel blessed to work here.

We understand that entrepreneurs and business owners have demanding schedules. Let’s face it, sometimes you spend a lot of time on what needs to be done but does not bring you joy. That’s where we can come in! We can help you create and manage your projects, schedule, CRM systems, calendar, and more!

Women who come from different backgrounds and have different skill sets are here for you. Rest assured; we will go above and beyond to do everything with excellence! The best part? You will be left with more time to do the things that excite you. Focus on innovation and growth, and we will focus on solutions.

Let GirlFriday WOW you the same way it WOWED me. I promise you will not be disappointed. Your business will reach new heights, and you will be able to focus on next-level success! It’s a win-win. What do you have to lose?