01. Strengths Focused

Each of us is most successful when we focus on our strengths. At Girlfriday Business Solutions, we specialize in taking care of those things you don’t have time to do, and may not be your strengths. But they are our strengths. When you turn your work over to us, you gain more time to focus on growing your company.

02. Daily Operations

We specialize in many of the daily operations that keep a business running. Technology offers options to expedite those operations, but setting up the processes takes time. We can set up the processes for you, and take on the electronic paperwork to make you more efficient at what you do best.

03. Staff Development

Managing staff records and development is another time stealer. Having worked with McKnight Advisory Group for several years, we have learned a thing or two about developing and motivating a staff. We have the expertise to help your staff find and expand their skills, while learning how to work together better as a team.

The GirlFriday Difference

We believe that God comes first.

He has taught us how to treat people with compassion.  Every person we communicate with and come in in contact with is important.  We promise to treat each person with respect and love.

We do purposeful work.

As God filled the cosmic void with light, we are here to fill your administrative void with a new light. We will do this by creating processes and taking over paperwork so that you can thrive, allowing you to focus on more important tasks like generating revenue and building a legacy that lasts.

We optimize business.

We help you improve the flow of your business, gain efficiency in your work, and find the time to develop new opportunities and resources.

We energize your workforce.

We bring a fresh perspective to business. Fresh eyes allow for the creation of new ideas, and new ways of doing things that simplify processes.

We plug in/unplug as needed.

We understand the ebbs and flows of business.  We understand the difficulty of the hiring decision. We designed our business structure to plug in at your most vulnerable times, and to unplug when your business is safe and calm again.  We also provide opportunities to outsource projects that will save you money by lowering overhead costs.

We are paperwork fanatics!

Paperwork is in our DNA.  We are accurate, precise, detail-oriented, systematic, and analytical. We solve problems and are extremely creative.  We swallow the frogs you don’t want to.


Takisha Bromell

Ms. Bromell loves creating systems and putting things in order. As the Chief Operating Officer for McKnight Advisory Group, she added significant value to the infrastructure of the company by fostering a culture of collaboration, creating strategic workflows for each segment, helping the team determine their core values, and developing a proven process for handling customers.

With a Masters Degree in Project Management from Keller Graduate School, she has also put her client engagement and organizational skills to work for Coach Micheal Burt, who does high impact corporate coaching and team development.

Originally from South Carolina, Ms. Bromell came to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to discover opportunities to use her abilities at project management and merge them with her love of helping other. Opening Girlfriday Business Solutions offers her the ability to do what she does best, while allowing business owners do what they do best — run their business.

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