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Girlfriday Business Solutions

We optimize business!

Do you feel you spend too much time on paperwork,
instead of why you started your business in the first place?


Are these tasks draining you of energy,
and keeping you from growing your business?


Want more time to focus your energy on what you do best? 

We can help!

Executive Assistant Network

Is your time so divided with paperwork and keeping up with your digital promotion that you have no time left to innovative and grow your company? We know small and medium business owners today have more demand on their time than ever. Technology can make you more efficient, but it can also become overwhelming. When you are spending too much of your day tied to your computer, and not enough time working with your clients, we can take care of the small details!

The Realtor Concierge

We know that there is lots of paperwork that realtor’s need to complete, and we can do it for you! We can help you with everything from the initial contract with your client to the final closing. We can also help you with office administration, client communications, and staff development. In other words, we free up time so you can be out there selling homes and generating buzz about your business.

Social Media Network

There are always great ideas that will add to the success of a business, but sometimes you just don’t have the time to make them happen. We can do everything from streamlining administrative tasks to taking on a larger project that your staff doesn’t have time to complete. Smart business owners are finding ways to focus on their core business while putting some of the administrative and communications activities into the hands of those who have experience in these areas. Like us!

Girlfriday Business Solutions

We energize your workforce!

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Non-Profit Industry Client

GirlFriday has been an exceptional service to me and Greenhouse Ministries. As the new CEO I know how important it is to fill positions with the people of the future as much as the present. With two significant voids in the organization that involved confidential processes and information it was not an easy position to fill temporarily.

I called upon GirlFriday service and have experienced the excellence I had anticipated and more. With almost no direction, except a few folders and I need these several tasks done, everything was done with excellence. This freed up time to focus on more important items and priorities. GirlFriday’s performance has now established the new standard these positions and tasks. That’s exactly what is necessary and a huge well done.

GirlFriday’s attitude and performance has impacted the organization in many ways in a short timeframe. I look forward to GirlFriday’s continued impact with a broader and more impactful items and tasks. Best yet virtually no oversight has been necessary.

Thankful for GirlFriday’s intervention and performance.

Bill Rawnsley
Greenhouse Ministries

Mortgage Industry Client





Takisha is amazing. We engaged her to complete a project for us. She not only completed the project, but gave us amazing additional insight and fresh perspectives on implementation. She was very timely in her delivery, and was a pleasure to work with throughout the process. She is incredibly organized and focuses on each detail to ensure success of the project. I look forward to working with her again soon, and often!

Belinda Arender
Vice President
Branch Manager

Insurance/Financial Industry Client


 I first met Takisha on February 2, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. My daughter, Elaina McKnight Shaver handled our hiring at the time we were looking for a temporary, full-time Project Manager I had all but made up my mind [when my daughter said:] “Daddy, this woman is special. Please meet with her!” Begrudgingly, I agreed.

Takisha was amazing in the interview. I don’t remember hiring her on the spot, however, I entered her into our database as a McKnight Advisory Group, Inc. associate on February 11th 2015. By the end of March my employees were urging me to make Takisha’s role permanent….And, I did.

Takisha became McKnight’s first Chief Operating Officer, and, for me, an invaluable friend. Takisha guided McKnight in totally revamping our company. [She created] …processes and our “McKnight Proven Process”, [guidance through] name changes, and, most importantly, leadership. Takisha was a great source of strength, again and again.

Today, as a consultant, she is still a part of the McKnight Family, coaching my staff and helping us chart our course and achieve goals.

Edwin McKnight
McKnight Advisory Group

Coaching Client



Takisha has been a supportive rock while directing the focus of my career development. Her coaching skills have been essential in my training to become an … operations officer. In only four months, Takisha’s weekly sessions have given me a purpose as I grow in my position at a new company, in a new industry.

She has given me the tools to grow by bringing my priorities into focus… and she has given me measurable goals for each quarter, month and week. Her weekly check-ins have not only held me accountable but provided a real-time mentoring opportunity of inestimable value. Through Takisha’s direction and coaching, I have developed into a confident Operations Professional.

Theresa Kiernan
Operations Specialist
McKnight Advisory Group

Years of Experience

Project Hours


Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Girlfriday increased my business by 50%

Made My Life Easier

Girlfriday helped me put my focus on selling houses, which is my strength, by taking over the things I don’t do well.

Helped Me Face My Weaknesses

Paperwork takes time. It is also not something I enjoy. Girlfriday took over my paperwork, giving me time to focus on more leads.

I Just Show Up at the Table

When it is time to close, all the paperwork is done. All I have to do is celebrate home ownership with my client.

– Catina Carney, eXp Realty

Current GirlFriday Client

Girlfriday Business Solutions

We are paperwork fanatics!

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