when it comes to supporting real estate agents, we truly can do it all! we know real estate transactions are not a simple process…ever! there are dozens of documents, multiple entities involved, and let’s not forget, approvals and meetings in each transaction. wheww! 

girlfriday’s real estate concierge service helps you manage all of that so you can help your current clients keep up with the housing market, find new clients and much more. 

girlfriday has a team of experts who can mange your back office and administration work. we coordinate closings, inspections, and all documents. we keep up with communications from all parties so each deal stays organized and smooth.

below is a short list of some of what we can we do as transaction coordinators:

  • receive new contracts for listings and purchasing
  • sending bound contracts and any other forms pertaining to the transaction to the lender and title
  • communication to all parties involved in the transaction
  • scheduling home and termite inspections
  • making sure all dead lines are met (i.e. inspection and resolution periods, earnest money and appraisals)
  • adding forms to client systems
  • making sure all dual signed documents are received (i.e. – psa, counter psa, confirmation of agency, tennessee residential, compensation agreements)
  • when we’re doing listings only: we send out forms to the seller and agent that need to be signed via an electronic signing system (i.e. – exclusive right to sell, confirmation of agency, tennessee residential, disclaimer, wire fraud, and affiliated business forms)