when it comes to social media work, it’s an ever changing world. you as a business owner don’t have time to keep up with the trends, hashtags, or even the latest way to share graphics and content. let girlfriday take your creative ideas and bring them to LIFE. we have a team of experts who spend time daily following the ins and outs of how social media is flowing. smart business owners are finding ways to focus on their core business goals, while putting those administrative and communications activities into the hands of those who have the experience needed. 

these days you’ve got to stop the SCROLL. each social media user is scrolling through miles and miles of content every time they sit down to take a look at what’s going on. our team of experts stays on top of what’s going to bring your brand to life, and cause an interruption that keeps people coming back to see what content you will feature next.

services we offer:

  • graphic and video creation 
  • content writing
  • licensed music 
  • reels creation
  • content calendar
  • planning sessions as often as needed
  • focused themes to help your followers know what to expect
  • cutting edge content and creative ideas
  • video editing

don’t let your social media game slip through the cracks. now more than ever, people are doing business with companies found through ads, posts, and shares. let us help you get organized, get creative, and get consistent on your business & personal social media platforms.