Hi, my name is Orianna Dixon! I currently reside in San Jose, California. Although I don’t have any kids, I am a great auntie to a cat named Sundance. My favorite interests and passions include going to concerts and hearing live music, going to the beach, hiking, and reading. I absolutely love going to sporting events, especially if it is professional football or college basketball. A fun fact about me is that I have been a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan since January 15, 1978!

I became interested in GirlFriday when I began looking to re-enter the workforce after being a caregiver for my late husband. I was looking for an opportunity to work from home because who would want to deal with the San Francisco Bay Area traffic? My current role at GirlFriday is serving as an Executive Specialist. My favorite part of my job is working alongside and helping the clients I currently support!

GirlFriday has a team culture, which is something I love and search for in a work community. Everyone is always willing to jump in and help with other team members’ clients if necessary.