Hi, my name is Sarah Sandefur! I am an Executive Specialist for the Executive Assistant Network!  My husband and I have two children, Arwen, who is nine, and Ander, who is five. 

Our family resides in Columbia, TN. To get to know me, some of my favorite hobbies include reading, finding cool places to eat, browsing through antique shops and repurposing old furniture. In addition to working with GirlFriday, I also coach my daughter’s softball team! A fun fact about me is that I once won a sauerkraut eating contest while blindfolded at a state fair! 

I began working for GirlFriday as I was looking for a way to contribute financially to our family, but still have the flexibility of being at home with my kids. 

My favorite part of my job as an Executive Specialist is the ability to stay in the workforce, but also be at home with my kids. The flexibility of this job is amazing! GirlFriday really values the balance between work and family time. 

GirlFriday truly cares about how we can best serve our clients. This means matching them with the perfect team member for their project. We love being able to take on tasks and assist our clients in such a way that they can focus on what is most important for them and the future growth of their business.