The Girlfriday Difference

My firm belief, as I build Girlfriday, is to start with the right foundation. My focus is to see that the relationship my clients and I build will be a win-win for both parties, and that it will last!

As I chart Girlfriday’s course, every Saturday I look at the steps we have taken. What we have accomplished. What worked.  What didn’t work. What will we need to do differently the next week.

One choice I made early in the development of my business was to not be this rabid-aggressive sales person. I have chosen to go into meetings with intention, asking God to use me to serve him. If business happens, ok. If ministry happens, ok.

The purpose of client meetings for me is to develop relationships, not to pressure the person I am meeting with into buying my services. I don’t go in with the idea that I have to get this sale!  Taking this soft-sell approach has really helped me relax. Instead, I spend my time nurturing a symmetrical relationship, and I am okay with whatever happens.

At first it was slow going. I started to question myself. But now, as I gain ground, I see that God is using me in both ways, to touch the business, and to provide ministry.  It is amazing to see people trust me with their business.

Girlfriday is growing beautifully. Every week new customers are coming on and experiencing the difference.

So what is the Girlfriday difference?  First, I place God first, and I work to build relationships that last! But there is more that makes this company different, which I will share in the following weeks.

I look forward to meeting you on the trail.