Meet our new Real Estate Manager!

My name is Rosa Mallette and I live in beautiful McMinnville, Tennessee right on the river! I am a full-time mom of two, my son Noah(6), who just graduated Kindergarten, and my daughter Skylar(4), who will be going to school next school year. We also have two furry babies as well, Lilly and Sebastian. Needless to say, I keep pretty busy, between school activities, baseball practices, playing outside, and dog walks. My husband, Matt, and I are high school sweethearts. Together we have accomplished this beautiful life!

My family and I are originally from a suburb of Chicago, IL. We moved to Tennessee in October of 2020. We always had a plan to move here but the pandemic sort of pushed our goals up. I was a stay-at-home mama for about 5 years when we found our dream house here in McMinnville.

With a son who was starting school soon, I wanted to be able to contribute and help provide for our little family. I had been looking for work-from-home jobs for a little while when I stumbled across GirlFriday on social media. What appealed to me was the flexibility and being fully virtual. My background is in customer service and marketing, so I have always worked in an office setting.

The idea of being able to work from home, be a mom, and be a wife was just what I was looking for! I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. Working for GirlFriday has taught me so much about myself and has given me opportunities I never knew I wanted. I started off as an Executive Assistant with GirlFriday, and Takisha Bromell (our fearless leader 😉) offered me a position in real estate. I have always had a knack for real estate, and I quickly realized how much I loved working in this field. I assist with both sides of GirlFriday, Real Estate, as well as the Executive Assistant side. I have also recently been promoted as the Real Estate Manager, which is an honor and I’m excited to begin!

Some of my favorite things to do are spend time on our deck in our back yard which overlooks the river, kayaking, discovering new state parks with stunning views and waterfalls, trying new foods, and above all spending time with my family.

My favorite part about my job is tackling tasks for my clients to make their jobs easier and keeping up with contract dates, allowing them to focus on other things knowing they can trust me with the other things. I especially love the friendships I have made with my clients and coworkers. I am a people person and really enjoy helping.

Here at GirlFriday, we understand how hectic being a business owner or real estate agent can be, that’s why we’re here to help clients sort it all out and make their jobs job easier!