Hi! My name is Jade Tillery, and I live in Lawrenceville, GA. I am the proud mom of two beautiful girls, Jordyn, age 6, and Jaliyah, age 3. I love to travel and really enjoy trying different restaurants. When I go to new places and try new things with my little ones, it’s so fulfilling and truly my favorite way to experience life!

I first found out about GirlFriday through a mutual friend of Takisha. She had reached out and mentioned that Takisha needed assistance on the real estate side of the business. I had an interview, and it was just perfect timing! I had just come off a fast and had been praying and searching for direction regarding what I wanted to do in real estate. GirlFriday was really an answer to prayers and was the perfect opportunity!
I currently serve as a Real Estate & Executive Specialist. My favorite thing about my job is talking and connecting with our clients and serving them with excellence. I love doing a great job for them!
I have learned SO much in my role and it has been a huge blessing. It’s like a curtain was peeled back, and I was able to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be a successful real estate agent.
GirlFriday is an amazing place to work. One of my favorite things about this company is how focused we are on excellence and giving each client “white-glove” service. Simply put, we always focus on going above and beyond client expectations. Our clients are equally great and never take us for granted. Being a part of the GirlFriday team has been a great experience!