My name is Christina Kelly, and I am the very proud mom of 2 boys, ages 8 and 3. I have been married for eight years to my husband, Mike, although we have known each other for a very long time. We recently relocated from Illinois to Ohio, so we have many new adventures and places to explore as a family!
I currently homeschool, and I believe what makes being a homeschool mom so fun is the flexibility to find topics we can all learn about together. I also love to cook and bake! I enjoy challenging myself to try something different as often as possible (my family usually gets to suffer as the guineapigs 😊).
I love sports and music, but I also really love video games too (I’m terrible at them, but I love watching others play!); the evolution of storytelling, graphics, and sound design – it is all so awesome to me!
I came to GirlFriday after years of what felt like unanswered prayers. My heart’s desire is to be a mom, as well as a business professional, and prior to 2020, it seemed like that concept was only a distant fantasy. I reached out asking if I could help babysit for some moms, and that’s when I was directed to GirlFriday Business Solutions. I’m not going to lie, I thought it was another bad lead. I looked on their website, Facebook, and anything else I could find. What I loved and what made my heart jump was the “About Us” page. The first thing under the section titled, “The Heart of GirlFriday,” states: “We believe God comes first.” Not only did it make me sit up straighter in my chair, but it also made me want to know more! Rarely do you see a business have that listed at the top of their mission statement – that strength, boldness, and honesty made me want to be part of the team!
My role at GirlFriday is to serve as the Business and Client Success Manager. I assist our leadership team in administration systems within the organization that helps position our team and clients for success! I also edit the Takisha Bromell podcast, which allowed me to fulfill my dream of being an editor. Additionally, I serve as an Executive Assistant for some truly amazing clients!
My favorite part of being on the GirlFriday team are the challenges and opportunities I encounter that help me grow professionally and personally. Every day looks different because a client’s needs can change from day to day. I am supported by a team of amazing, talented women that always help when needed. The support I receive from the leadership team to cheer me on reminds me I can do exactly what I was tasked to do, and just “Go get it, girl!”
Takisha is so supportive in helping team members reach their full potential by focusing on one’s strengths and dreams as an individual. She trusts me to take on roles within the company no one else has, and it inspires me to want to do even more! I love being able to give peace of mind to my clients and step in and help them wherever is needed.
At the end of every workday, I finally feel I am fulfilling my role in this part of my life. I cannot wait to see what the future holds! 🙂