Hi, my name is Amy. I’ve been married to my husband, Kenny, for 22 years; we have two really amazing kids, Grace, soon to be 21, and Daniel who is 18. We also have three fur babies!
My husband and I love to travel and enjoy discovering new places to visit in our area. We live in Florida, near the beach, and have many tourist destinations close by, so we are never in short supply of places to go!
A fun fact about me is every year for my birthday I learn a new hobby. This year, I decided to try and turn my ‘black thumb’ into a green one. I have over 30 house plants now, and I’m proud to say nothing has died! 🙂
I first learned about GirlFriday through my friend, Carrie. I previously worked from home, and I was looking for a new position that allowed for the same type of schedule and flexibility. GirlFriday was perfect! When I was interviewed by Takisha, our CEO, and Kimberly, our COO, I knew immediately I would love it and couldn’t wait to get started!
I currently serve as Takisha’s executive assistant, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous clients. My favorite part about working with GirlFriday is the abundance of opportunities! My skill set has grown exponentially because Takisha is constantly pouring into me and taking the time to share what she knows. Additionally, the leadership team sees abilities in me that I do not even see within myself. They are so encouraging and always pushing me to grow into the best version of myself.
My clients are also fantastic, and I always love the opportunity to come alongside them to help make their business reach the success they desire. I feel incredibly blessed to have found such an amazing company to work for, and I truly look forward to being a part of what the future holds for GirlFriday!