A dear friend from Atlanta recently shared with me that she felt that weekly accountability was missing from the coaching program in which she was participating. Other friends and business associates mentioned the same issue shortly thereafter. I wondered if this was a possible opportunity for Girlfriday.

I decided to get on the phone and do some more research into the potential need I might be able to fill for clients. I called a few people. I asked them these questions:

  1. Are you using a business or personal coach?
  2. Are you setting goals with the help of your coach?
  3. Are you achieving your goals?
  4. What do you feel is missing in your coaching relationship?
  5. If you are not using a coach, are you setting and achieving your goals?
  6. What is helping you achieve your goals?

Through my many conversations, I realized that most people do not have smart, actionable, and quantitative goals.

They are not challenging themselves with monthly strategic planning sessions to chart their course. They have not drilled down their goals to (monthly, weekly, and daily) tasks that promote action.  They do not have someone aggressively holding them accountable.  Instead, they are haphazardly trying to reach goals by shooting in the dark and wishing their goals will come true.

What research shows is that they will more than likely never meet their goals and reach their full potential without written goals that have measurable outcomes broken into workable tasks.

Experts say that having an accountability partner or coach increases your probability of reaching your goal by 95%.  It is a no-brainer that the right accountability partner/coach can help you succeed.

Doesn’t it make you wonder why so many people are not adding that resource to their arsenal?

I am never one to pass up an opportunity to help clients succeed. So, Girlfriday is going to lead the way in the accountability market with our new program, “Savvy Accountability.”

“Savvy Accountability” is the Girlfriday difference.