The Heart Behind the Rebrand

GirlFriday is stepping into a new season. We’ve been in business since 2018. We’ve experienced growth, we’ve experienced change, and we’re ready to take our own advice. 

Generally, when we’re consulting and advising our clients we tell them “keep your business fresh!” Keep your graphics and logos up to date. You need social media and you need a presence that is inviting and clear.” So, after 3 years of having our doors open, we decided it was time we do the same thing!

As you grow, your brand needs to ebb and flow with you. It became clear it was time to position ourselves for growth. We wanted to step into a new level of business and service, a new caliber of clientele. So we have to represent what we want to serve. And with that comes a brand new logo design and marketing rebranding! 

We feel confident in what we’re offering and I know it’s helping companies experience more success. This is truly the heart behind GirlFriday’s rebranding. We are grateful for small beginnings because we realize those small beginnings are what gave us the grit and desire to keep moving forward and not give up.  And it almost brings me to tears just thinking about the fact that we are truly ready for this new season. We’re offering more services, our team is bigger and brighter than ever, and we couldn’t love the work we’re doing with our clients more! 

I’ve been sitting with this and planning this out for a long time. I’m thankful for all who have come beside GirlFriday to make this happen. And I am thankful for the time we’ve had to get to this next level of service offerings and our fresh new marketing designs.  Come with us as we step into this next season. We would love to take you along with us!