The evolution of a business is directly correlated to the awakening of the business owner. As a business owner gets in tune with who he or she really is, he or she begins to duplicate themselves in the business. Their business then becomes a reflection of who that person truly is.

Girlfriday mirrors my heart. It is an extension of who I am as a person.

Who am I? My client, Bill Rawnsley, at Greenhouse Ministries called me a “Capacity Expander.”

A light-bulb went off when he said that. I am bridging the gap in capacity for businesses and becoming an extension of them, allowing them to grow. Scalability for our customers is what I do best. I provide services my clients need without them having to hire another full-time or even part-time person.

I intentionally designed Girlfriday Business Solutions structure to plug into a client’s needs at their most vulnerable times and to unplug when they feel their business is calm again.

Girlfriday Business Solutions provides opportunities to outsource projects long or short term, that will save small and medium-sized businesses money by lowering overhead costs. That is the Girlfriday Difference!